About Us

The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums are a unique group of people supporting the preservation and perpetuation of the vast and unique collection of art contained in the Vatican Museums.

The Patrons provide the main source of revenue for the Vatican Museums’ art restoration projects which include Catholic and sacred art from all traditions as a method to reach out to the some thousands of visitors that come each day. We also fund various artistic and educational experiences for children and the visually and hearing impaired, marking the first of their kind in Italy.

The Vatican Museums are the main generator of funds for the City State as all papal masses and audiences are free of admission and entrance into St. Peter’s Basilica is gratis. Most people are unaware that revenue from the ticket sales are only able to cover basic maintenance, insurance, security and staff leaving little money for restoration or modernization.

That’s where the Patrons have played a valuable and unique role. Patrons have raised the funds to restore some of the most famous artistic treasures, such as:

  • The Pauline Chapel
  • The Raphael Rooms
  • The Borgia Apartments
  • Frescoes on the lateral walls of the Sistine Chapel

All Patrons are offered to stroll through the Vatican Gardens, tour the Sistine Chapel privately, and tour the museum restoration laboratories buried deep within Vatican City.