The Journey to Jerusalem

Life is a journey and we call a spiritual journey a pilgrimage. Please join Father Michael Collins, as we visit two of the most celebrated cities of the world. Travel along the routes, meet some famous figures from history who made the same journey and admire the art inspired by these sacred spaces.

While we take a journey on this virtual pilgrimage, we will encounter images of the festivals and processions, as well as local culinary products of each varied region. Father Michael has visited and accompanied groups to the sites and will bring us behind the scenes to some of the fascinating hidden gems.

For more than five millennia,  Jerusalem has been a place of pilgrimage. Our virtual journey crosses sea, mountains and valleys while recounting the importance of the Holy City for Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Crusades were launched to liberate the holy sites from Muslim invaders in the 11th century. The city once housed the celebrated temple of Solomon which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. We follow the most popular routes and visit some of the famous sites of the Holy Land.

Father Michael Collins

Fr. Michael Collins is a priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland and has taught history and culture in a number of universities in Rome. A best selling author, Fr. Michael has written and edited 15 award winning books which have been translated into 12 languages. He has been featured on various International TV channels, including FOX News, CNN, NBC, SKY News, as well as appearing on 60 Minutes. Fr. Michael is a regular guest at literary events, including the Oxford Literary Festival, Spencer Althorp Festival and the Blenheim Palace Festival.